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Business Process Change Management
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Business processes are among the core assets of a company. They have an impact on the attractiveness of products, customer experience, and revenue. They are a key factor in operational efficiency because they define tasks and the future work of people and machines in production. Processes are the life-blood of companies and determine their capacity for change and the rate of adaptation.

Unlike other traditional tangible and intangible assets, business processes have largely been unappreciated until recently. However, in the last two decades, under the growing demand for standardization, agility, and efficiency, a number of tools, techniques and even entire methodologies for business process improvement have emerged. One of these methodologies is Business Process Management (BPM) which this course focuses on. It combines tools and approaches from various disciplines.

The course is a great source for getting to know the current standard and best practices in managing business process. BPM is the science and art of controlling work for achieving results and utilizing opportunities for improvement. BPM does not enhance the way individual activities are executed but manages the entire chain of events, actions, and decisions which add value.

Production bottlenecks slow down processes and increase running costs. The problem is that when action is taken to redesign the process this is done on a random basis and excellent opportunities for improvement can be missed. This course introduces the methods with which business processes can effectively be reorganized. The course examines a set of transactional and transformational techniques of great practical value.

Not all organizations are capable of analyzing in detail and restructuring their business processes. But the investment in BPM can get us great returns if we focus on a small number of priority processes, vital for the company’s survival.

Dates 9 - 22 March, 2023
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer