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Corporate Finance (Part I) (online)
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(Financial Management Certificate Program Course ČV)

Corporate Finance I is an introduction to the tools and techniques of corporate finance and financial management. The objective is to enable the participant to get acquainted with the principles of financial theory behind the company's financial management and to enable them to understand and apply the principles of financial theory to real business problems.

Major topics include time value of money concepts and applications, long-term and short-term financial planning, company, debt, and equity valuation, and assessing risk and return.

By the end of the course Corporate Finance I, the participants should be able to apply financial long-term and short-term models of planning, to value stocks and bonds, and understand the risk and return trade-off and apply basic financial analysis, analyze the financial environment and evaluate risk according to expected rate of return.

Dates 4 - 24 January, 2018
Duration  3 weeks
Trainer Krassimir Cholakov