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Lean Six Sigma Tools of Profitability
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First Week: 


1.    Understanding the Essence

          The benefit of Lean Six Sigma

          The DMAIC cycle

          Lean activities

          The seven wastes

          Lean tools

          Six Sigma methods and case study


2.    Understanding the areas of application

          Lean vs. mass production

          Small production series

          Reorganizing the plant

          Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

          Spaghetti diagram

          Right-sizing equipment




3.    Understanding the process

          Problem solving

Control chart

NP chart

Pareto Chart

Ishikawa Diagram

          Transaction Six Sigma

          The Dirty 30 process


Second Week:


4.    Understanding Variations

                    What causes them?

                    Limits and targets

                    Normal distribution

                    Capability indices

                    Critical value and purpose

          Root Cause Analysis

          Sustaining improvements

          Unstable processes

          Taguchi Loss Function

          Minimizing variation losses

          Control charts: XmR, ANOM, CUSUM, EWMA etc.


5.    Precision Focused Innovation

          Voice of the client matrix case study

          Critical measures of quality


          Balanced Scorecard

          Designing for Lean Six Sigma

Quality Function




6.    Success with Lean Six Sigma Implementation

                    Informal networks   

                    Purpose or means?

                    Systemic reasons

                    Exponential relationships

                    Teams: response, size, selection


                    Risk mitigation

                    Google rules