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Business Forecasting Methods
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First Week: 


1.    Approach, Methods, and Types of Forecasting

Estimation and forecasting

Time series noise

Causal forecasting

Projective forecasting

Sales forecasting techniques


2.    Naive Forecasting Models

Pluses and minuses

Moving averages

Exponential smoothing

Adjusting for trends


3.    Linear Regression Analysis

Purpose and application

Simple linear regression

Multiple regression analysis


Case study: Regression analysis with Excel


Second Week:


4.    Time Series

Time series components

Trend analysis

Non-linear trends

Times series decomposition

Seasonal indices setting


Least squares equation

Forecasting by quarter


5.    Forecasting without Data and Indirect Methods

The ATAR model

Growth forecasting

Constant growth linear model

Constant percent growth exponential model

Modified exponential growth

Logistical growth

Selecting the right model

The Markov Model

Indirect methods


Input-output analysis

Market research

Econometric forecasting


6.    Evaluating Forecasts

The price of forecast errors


Measures of forecast accuracy


Turning point errors

Control of forecasts

Control charts