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Finance for Non-Finance Managers Program
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Curriculum and Trainers

To ensure best results and gain the requisite finance knowledge for non-finance managers you are best advised to enrol in the whole program. Alternatively, you may enrol in individual courses. Upon passing the final tests you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion of the Finance for Non-Finance Managers Program, or a certificate for the respective course.

Financial Statements Analysis

The objective of the course is to acquaint participants with financial statements, basic financial statements analysis, and assist managers in their decision-making related to the operational, finance and investment activities of the company.

Topics: Principles of Financial Statements Analysis; Financial Analysis Tools; Extracting and Using Accounting Information; Principal Financial Ratios; Analysis of Mutually Related Financial Indicators.

Start Date: 7 - 20 February, 2018
Duration: 2 weeks
Instructor: Ivan Zangochev

Cost Accounting

The objective of the course is to acquaint participants with methods of cost measurement, the process of costing and the value chain, allowing company management to perform effective monitoring and control of operations. Upon completion participants will be able to prepare operating budgets and compare budgeted with actual performance.

Topics: Cost Behavior and Methods - Absorption and Marginal Costing; Cost/Volume Profit (CVP); Budgeting; Master Budget and Responsibility Centers; Cost and Revenue Allocation; Decision Making; Relevant Costs.

Start Date: 6 - 19 October, 2017
Duration: 2 weeks
Instructor: Valentin Yonchev


The objective of the course is to explain the purpose of budgeting within the overall planning process, describe the main types of budgets, and identify the differences between strategic planning and budgeting.

Topics: Budgeting Cycle; Consolidated, Operating and Financial Budget; Stages of Budgeting; Types of Budgets; Centers of Responsibility and Expense Distribution; Static and Flexible Budget; Budget Variance; Preparing a Flexible Budget; Price and Quantity Variance Analysis; Benchmarking.

Start Date: 28 September - 11 October, 2021
Duration: 2 weeks
Instructor: Ivan Zangochev

Commercial Law (online)

The objective of the course is to acquaint participants with the major concepts and institutions of commercial law to the extent needed to conduct regular commercial operations. Emphasis is placed on the practical issues relating to commercial legal matters, forms of business and commercial transactions.

Topics: Forms of Business and Commercial Transactions; M&A; Commercial Transactions and Pledges; Banking Transactions; Trading Securities; Patents and Trademarks; Sale of Goods and International Shipping; Foreign Direct Investment; Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Liquidation.

Start Date: 10 - 23 November, 2017
Duration: 2 weeks
Instructor: Borislav Naidenov