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Inventive Problem Solving
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The course is dedicated to the now widely used production improvement methodology called Lean TIPS Method (LTM). TIPS stands for Theory for Inventive Problem Solving, developed a while ago by Genrich Altshuller on the basis of his analysis of over 200 000 registered patents.
The advantage of Lean TIPS is that it generates quick results. The speed with which LTM comes up with a solution is 30 days for processes and 60 days for products, which are one or two generations ahead of current products and services. Using a simplified TIPS Matrix of Contradictions, LTM drastically reduces cost and execution time.
In many cases, LTM is the preferred method of choice. The reason for its success is that while previous methods such as TQM, reengineering, benchmarking and Six Sigma focused on improving processes, LTM improves design. In many cases, the reliability of products depends on their excellent design rather than on the optimal process.
LTM is also used for making evolutionary changes in existing products. There are hundreds of sub-processes in organizations that can greatly benefit from an improvement of 10-20%.
With a lot practical examples and illustrations, the course presents the basic set of LTM tools, including Value Engineering (VE), Streamlined Process Improvement (SPI), the techniques of Lean, etc. The second half of the course lays out the steps that a company has to take to implement LTM, called the LTM Cycle from identifying the opportunity for change to measuring results and recognizing participants.
This course is well-structured, lucid, of high practical value, and is an ideal guide to leaders and teams determined to improve and modernize their companies.

Dates 18 - 31 July, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer