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Strategic Thinking
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First Week: 


1.    Definitions and Schools

Strategic questions

Deliberate and emerging strategy

Strategy as position and perspective

Strategy as maneuver

Advantage and disadvantages


2.    Design School


Basic model

External factors checklist

Strengths and weaknesses checklist



Planning school

     Basic model

     Comprehensive schedule

     Aligning hierarchies

     Prerequisites and fallacies



3.    Positioning School


Military maximsSun Dzu, Clausewitz

BCG matix

Leaning on experience

Porter’s competitive analysis

Critique of positioning



Second Week:


4.    Entrepreneurial School

The path of the entrepreneur Schumpeter

Features of the entrepreneur

Visionary leadership  

Case study: unfreezing – change – freezing

Prerequisites and critique  


Cognitive school


     Conventional wisdom

     Cognitive styles

     Knowledge as information Corner’s model

     Knowledge as road map, concept, construction

Prerequisites and critique  



5.    Learning School

Essence and evolutionLindblom, Quinn

Ventures Burgelman’s model

Learning through errorthe S.Honda case

Prerequisites and critique  


Power School

     Types of political games

Benefits of politics

Collective strategies

Prerequisites and critique  


Cultural School

     Overcoming resistance Bjorkman

Prerequisites and drawbacks   



6.    Environmental School

Contingency view

Ecology of populations view

Prerequisites and critique  


Configuration School

     Transition periods Hurst model

     General overhaul programs

Transformation leadership

Prerequisites and critique